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All families face challenges of controlling dirt and spillages, especially when children or pets are running around! Sometimes it is impossible to tackle this with a simple vacuum. If you invest in a product, it only makes sense to look after it! Only employ experienced carpet cleaners who offer a stain removal service.

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Benefits for you

We are your local  Warrington Carpet Cleaner. We sanitise fabric furniture, leather upholstery, and rugs, including mattresses. So why choose my company?

We use trusted chemicals, which are alkalines, acids or gels to tackle the toughest of jobs. We may need to mix some to rid those stubborn marks.  Ph scales range from 2.5 to 13. Our machinery is powerful. With a  capability of 1200 psi, supported with an ultra-wind vacuum system that removes 95% of any humidity, leaving everything touch dry. Chemistry does play a massive part in achieving exceptional results. Only experienced, detailed training will allow us to achieve results we are happy with.

Steam under pressure will eradicate dirt, grime, and smells, including microorganisms from materials. Steam is clean. Drying is fast. We can improve this by using our air mover. We also offer stain guards.

Our Process for this job

1/ Vacuum thoroughly. This will release as much loose debris as possible. Also, fibres are more upright which will help any solution we apply adhere.

2/ Mist our solution onto the fibres which was a ph12. We then agitate this using a mechanical rotary machine. We allow a dwell time of ten minutes. This chemical will start to break down any loose soils, grease, marks and other contaminants.

3/ We now start extracting with our truck mount at a temperature of 120c. Checking by eye each section. Any remaining visible marks are now dealt with.

4/ As you can see, a vast difference in colour exists. You probably know that this is dirt, but am not so sure you understand what hidden problems may exist.

 How much did we charge? £55.00

We also applied our stain protection which was an additional cost.



What Does a Professional Carpet Cleaner Do
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What Does a Professional Do?

We pride ourselves in taking care of keeping your fabrics looking their best. First, we analyse what kind of fibre you have during our survey before preparing the system being used.

After a thorough vacuuming, we now use our truck mount.
It starts with removing any visible marks. We apply our solution, which is massaged to deliver deep penetration. Agitation is actioned by a mechanical machine to ensure complete contact with all filaments.

We are like a mad chemist occasionally. Each chemical used has a specific role to play. Using heat above 110c would be used to maximise the elimination of any scents and muck contained within all fibres. It only takes around three hours for all water to have evaporated.

You will have bright, fresh furnishings to enjoy to your heart’s content! Some can be back in use within sixty minutes. Timings vary down to filament length, internal temperature plus humidity of your property. Our vacuums will remove 95% of moisture, leaving fabrics usable upon completion.

We are your leading team by a Wire mile. Located in Padgate, Cheshire, which is quite central for us. We can attend any enquiry from an 01925  very quickly. This includes Lymm and Newton Le Willows.

We hold our business standards high, treating your home as if it were our own. We never offer poor quality or ever cut corners. Reputation is everything. 

We will customise our chemistry to your needs, working around our customer’s schedules. Our team of skilled technicians makes sure all information we need is collected at the point of your survey so that we can provide you with the best care possible.

We have full insurance, trained to Ncca levels plus many years of hands-on experience. This is the difference I believe between ourselves compared to similar businesses.

For every one of life’s messes, we are here for you. If you need a freshen-up before you have visitors or you host that critical event, we’ll make sure every inch is washed meticulously. We will save you money by making sure every job is done correctly.

You may require an alternative service.

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 Dog had a pee?

Urine  or odour removal

cleaning urine carpet Warrington

Do you have a wee problem that is driving you nuts?

Has urine changed the colour of your fabric?

Have children been unwell?

Red wine spills leaving that dark mark, or candle wax droplets?

We can most remove most alcohol, tea or drinks with specific acids, which are friendly.
Does that stench get more intense day by day? We have seen and smelt it all before
Urine has that distinctive aroma. Like everything, there is a right way to erase this for you.

You sleep around a third of your life in bed. Sweat, leaks, and sex.
Like any fabric you want this to be sanitised.

Did you know that your mattress could contain up to 30 million dust mites? These creatures are microscopic. They can enhance allergies you may have, such as asthma.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning Warrington
Professional carpet cleaning service
Carpet cleaning in Collins Green

Methods we use

We use a variety of techniques.
Hot water or steam extraction, which we mentioned earlier. This is where hot water is injected.

Water pressure opens up fibres, allowing a deep-down penetration helping eradicate all grime, dirt plus that lingering fragrance. Not only can steam revive threads but also eliminates dust mites, allergens, and bacteria with heat above 120c.

Dry method

This system is used on water-sensitive materials. The product is treated with a dry compound. It looks a bit like sand. This is then agitated. We may use a little heat when employing this.

Low moisture 

Again used on water-sensitive products. Our machine used has an 18-inch wool pad attached. This rotates removing dirt. Changing the pad frequently will not transmit residue. This method would be used in larger areas such as business premises, hotels, and care homes.


You may be contemplating attempting to resolve this yourself. May I suggest you read this.?


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As we are near you, one of our carpet cleaners in Warrington can visit you quickly to appraise your requirements. We are very local to you. In most instances, visit the same day to provide your free quotation.

Why not take a look at our before and after pictures?

We love to showcase our works. This is a beautiful testament to our craftsmanship.






Questions our customers have asked which may help you.

Q - Can you visit same day?

Yes in most instances we can attend to emergency call outs. Please bear with us as an appointment may take a few hours to get to you.

Q - Can you list what else you do please?

We clean carpets, mattresses, rugs, and all types of upholstery.

Q - Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured

Q - How much would it cost?

Costing will vary from job to job. Things we take into account are room size, stain, urine or odour removal. This is why we action a survey for you. As a rule of thumb, typical standard costings would be £30.00 for a flight of stairs, £55.00 for a standard lounge, and £65.00 for a through room. Bedrooms again will depend on size. This is why we offer a no-obligation quotation.

Q - Do you have promotions?

Our price will vary from job to job pending level of work. This is why we prefer to survey first. At this point we can advise you of a cost, what results you can expect.

However for a flight of stairs this would be £30.00. If you have a small landing we may include this in the costing pending level of work required.

Q - Are you available seven days a week as I work shifts?

We work every day to accommodate all our clients.
In the event it is a business, we can work through the night.

Q - Can you remove urine odours?

We understand the issues with urine, this can sometimes be complex. Our survey will show us the severity or simplicity of its removal.

Q - I have attempted to wash my furniture but I have left watermarks. Can you remove these for me?

Yes we are able to remove the watermarks for you. In most instances we can just remove the watermark, or re clean your whole sofa.We would advise you best when we view the fabric concerned.

Q - I am a landlord. My tenants have left the place in a terrible state plus, now the place smells of weed. Can you neutralise this, please?

When it comes to removing this stink we use industrial ozone machines.

Once the manual cleaning has been completed we turn on the ozone machine for 45 minutes. During this time we are addressing the next room. Working room by room.

Costing for this ozone treatment is £45.00 per room.
What happens is an extra oxygen element is added to the odour, thus creating an 03 molecule.