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You can not just clean a carpet any way? One needs to understand the construction, able to identify the fibre, and know which is the best and safest method.

Why do I say this?

Would you let a neighbour change the brakes on your car, or would you employ the services of a reputable, experienced, trained mechanic?

Your same thought process should apply to letting someone loose on your furnishings.

I have been carpet cleaning in Appleton Thorn for over twenty years now.

Before I even contemplated working in this industry I both trained and qualified with the Ncca and Iicrc.

These are insurance and regulatory body recognised schools. 

Before any type of work takes place need to ensure that what you require cleaning is possible. Trust me, the number of properties we visit and customers are told, your item is beyond cleaning. It needs to be replaced.

There is a reason why you wash your clothes. To keep them fresh,  and sanitised which will ensure they last.

Many people forget that furnishings should be steam cleaned at least once a year. More regularly if you have pets or small children.

Am sure that you have even attempted your own cleaning without success.

The machinery we use is truck mounts and portable machines is very powerful. Has the capability in psi terms a score of 1200. We would never exceed 400.

Can produce temperatures up to 140f. 

Has a vacuum system that can run to 150ft.

Chemicals play a large part in the cleaning process. Using tried, tested solutions we carry alkalines of varying strength’s, acid’s, gels, tea and coffee remover, red wine reducers plus others.

Using our knowledge with these products does give you the best possible results.

So let me give you a scenario.

You have dropped a bowl of food which is for argument sake a chilli. How would you go about sorting this?

1/ Do not panic

2/ Using a metal spoon lift the surplus .Always work outwards to centre. This controls the spread.

3/ You have a stain left. You may decide to try a stain remover. STOP

These products have bleaches in them which may harm your fibres.

You can call me and I will visit you as quickly as possible which would cost you £30.00. or you may want to proceed against my advice.(You have been warned).

Other problems which we encounter is urine removal. More commonly with your pets, however humans do have accidents too.

Removal of stains and odour is a game of chemistry. As a rule of thumb, if a fibre has changed colour to either yellow or orange this means bleaching has occurred.

Extracting urine can be complicated. Further details are highlighted 

Before thinking of renting a carpet cleaning machine call me. I visit so many properties that have attempted the DIY job only to find either no improvement or things are now worse. Stains look worse, odours are very strong, shrinkage, carpets or upholstery still damp days later.


Another service we action is an Upholstery Cleaning Service. This may be fabric or leather. Again we have trained, have years of experience behind us. Sofa cleaning should not be tackled by someone who has no training behind them. Damage in most instances is not correctable. Understanding chemicals, the process is required.


All our quotations are free and we are your local carpet cleaners near me.







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