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Hi am Robert. I have been carpet cleaning Appleton now since 2001.
I trained and qualified with the Ncca and Iicrc. We are cleaning carpets and upholstery every day of the week. Yes we work Saturday and Sunday also.

We have been privileged to work for local residents for many years now. 

So when were your furnishing cleaned? 


Some go years without having their fabrics cleaned. 

Am sure  a lot of people who think having carpets, or your three piece suite cleaned is the last thing on your mind. Like a car, your items need to have a professional service. This ensures longevity, a healthier environment. You can pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds in replacements. 

To ensure that your home or business is dust and allergen free we suggest a cleaning schedule of at least once a year. More frequent if you have pets or toddlers.

Many people think that hoovering is cleaning. This is just picking up dust and loose debris.
We use a variety of systems. These include hot water extraction, or you may refer to it as steam extraction, dry cleaning, or low moisture cleaning.

Each system is used for the relevant clean. This would be discussed at point of survey. It is a bit like using your washing machine. You have a programme for each type of fabric, and temperature gauge.

Your carpets are an expensive investment. Like any investment it is prudent to keep on top of things.

Our service is not expensive as some people may think.

A typical flight of stairs would cost £30.00. A lounge of no more than 15ft x 12 ft starts at £55.00. Should the removal of stains or odour be required this would amend your quotation accordingly.


We predominantly use steam extraction. This is the best method to guarantee elimination of grease, muck, odours, dust mites, allergens. The heat generated can reach temperatures of over 130 Fahrenheit which is the required temperature to destroy any dangerous microscopic creatures held with in any fibres. This will also rid any known virus.


Stain protection will help keep anything we have worked on cleaner and stain free for you. Forming an invisible layer of protection.  Drinks or food spilt can easily be lifted. We apply this using a sprayer. First application is north to south. Then east to west. This ensures all fibres are captured. We allow this to dry naturally.  Our suggestion is this is reapplied annually as friction , uv light can reduce the protection levels.


We also clean rugs. These can be a centre piece for a room. They can also be the home to the dogs toilet. Again a specific method must be used. Removing as much loose soil will happen no matter what system is employed.

Fabric upholstery     Can take a beating especially if younger children are about.  Greasy hand marks, hair. What about pets who love this comfortable area too? This can create lingering odours. We can use chemicals which can help eliminate this.

 Leather sofa’s cleaning should not be left to an untrained person. Dyes can run so testing is essential. 

Urine removal is a common job in our day to day work. Removing this is all dependent on the severity. From easy to restoration.

Stains left can be be an eyesore. Darken patches which you have attempted to remove yourself without success. We can extract this for you. Should the colour change to yellow or orange, this is permanent bleach damage

Your may be considering renting a carpet cleaning machine. Please head caution.

Not understanding water temperature, chemicals, fibres, reactions, items which take days to dry and then start to smell because of mildew.

All our quotations are free or we can visit you at a convenient time. Why not look around our website. We share a lot of information which may help you.



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