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Carpet Cleaners in Birchwood are a professional carpet cleaning company that employs only highly qualified and certified carpet & upholstery cleaners. With over 20 years of experience in our industry. Our goal is to achieve excellent results and complete customers’ satisfaction. We aim to provide the best carpet cleaning services in Birchwood. Each of our technicians strives for a spotless reputation of the company, always does his best to attract you as our regular customer. We can proudly say that over 90% of our clients have used our services numerous times. Trust us and you will be convinced of our professionalism, plus attention to detail.

Not all cleaning companies use the correct machinery techniques. We use both truck mount and portables. Neither do they have the skills necessary for stain removal, odour, or urine removal? It is our quality chemicals, experience, training that gives us that superior edge over our competitors.


We attended a job where the customer had used someone on Facebook. Their price to clean the customer’s lounge was too good to be true. £18.00.

This is what the customer got for their money. 

Upon arrival, the operator sprayed a solution down. He then cleaned the carpet. Apparently from arriving to leaving it took him 20 minutes. No wonder this customer had to call me.

My costing for the same room was £55.00. This is what I did for the customer.

Vacuumed all the carpet, including movable items such as sofas. Using the correct alkaline pre-spray this was applied. We then used a machine to massage this solution into the fibres. 

Once this was completed we set up our machine. This includes adding an acid to the clean water. Including an acid will neutralise the alkaline to leave a balanced PH score of 7.5. This also aids in any wicking. We then proceeded with the cleaning.

Once we had completed this lounge, an air mover was placed n the doorway to speed up the drying. . This was left running as we loaded up our van.

Our time on site was 65 minutes.


Processes can vary from steam extraction to using low moisture systems. Each cleaning system would be used on specific fibres.

A survey would be carried out to determine the best system for all commercial and residential customers. All solutions that we use are of the highest of standards, user-friendly, safe for your health, including those for stain removal. We use chemicals we use in your home in our home. The only difference among all carpet cleaning companies is the human factor. That is why our company carefully selects the perfect carpet technicians. We demand from them to be responsible, trustworthy, friendly, hardworking, and always ready to help.

If you have already seen machines used in our industry, then you should know how big and powerful they are, but what you might not know is how exactly they operate.  Steam cleaning machines have two tanks – one for clean water, another one for dirty water-extracting dirt from fabrics. Cleaning detergents are added to clean water, which is then heated and sprayed in the form of steam deeply into your carpet by a high pressured pump. Steam along with detergents dissolves any grease, stains and removes unpleasant odours. Any moisture or dirt extracted from the carpet by powerful vacuum motors feeds into our dirty tank. Our normal length of hoses we use is around 80 feet. This can be extended to 150ft. At the end of the cleaning process, your carpets will not be completely dry, but just a little damp. We remove around 95% of moisture. They will need about 2-3 hours to dry completely, but the duration depends mostly on the thickness of the fabric, room temperature, and humidity or flow of fresh air.

The process of upholstery cleaning is different from the carpet cleaning method. Tools used for cleaning upholstered furniture are different. Milder solutions are used. Smaller hand tools provide easier penetration at hardly accessible parts and deeper extraction of soil. Your sofas, armchairs, all the cushions which belong to them will be cleaned on all sides. Our upholstery cleaners are equipped with a great variety of spot removal chemicals for different types of stains.

Don’t rush to throw your old mattress away. Have it steam cleaned instead. Steam mattress cleaning is a very hygienic way of cleaning a mattress – it kills all bacteria and allergens, extracts deeply embedded dirt and dust, giving the mattress a nice smell and fresh look.

Let us come inspect your leather furniture. Our technicians are skilled and precise in determining problems including solutions needed to clean your leather upholstery and keep them looking healthy. We advise you not to try any strange methods as you may only harm your sofa. To be safe and to protect your leather items, seek professional help.


Stain removal is an art. It is like a game of chemistry. How to undo what you have done to cause this blemish. Please do not attempt to use the products sold in shops. These cause more damage than good, as they contain bleaches which I have seen bleach the problem on fibres.


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