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Carpet cleaners in Burtonwood, Cheshire

Carpet Cleaners in Burtonwood

Locating a local qualified, trained and insured carpet cleaner then look no further.

Our company has been servicing both local businesses and residential properties for a very long time.

Whether it is an end of tenancy, emergency spillage issue, or an annual visit, we deal with them all.

Predominantly, our no1 system is steam extraction. This method has several benefits over other systems available.

Steam vapour can reach and penetrate 100% of any fibre. Dirt, grease, and grime can be broken down and lifted away via our powerful vacuum system. 

Such as this picture here.

The customer got two quotes for a full house. Same carpet all the way through.

Our company conducted their survey, provided a cost of £130.00 for this three-bedroom property.

Other Burtonwood carpet cleaners stated they should be disposed of.

This is what we did.

My colleague vacuumed bedroom one. Then applied our secret sauce, as we call it. Our solution does several things to the fibres.

This softens fibres to allow easier extraction. Breaks down any pollutants contained. Neutralises any mild odours with a dwelling time of ten minutes.

Besides this, we also applied a powerful deodoriser because animal smells were obvious.

Using our truck mount, we set up the water pressure to 350psi with heat set at 120f. This level is not only delivered the deepest penetration possible but also aids in the removal of dust mites, bacteria and allergens. These can have a detrimental effect on people’s health. 

It is our recommendation through our vast experience and knowledge that furnishing should be serviced at least every twelve months and on a more regular basis if pets or young children are in the household.


Stain protection

Spillages are common in any property. Tea. coffee, red wine. These contain tannings which are spilt can leave a stain. Sometimes, this can be permanent. Using this protection will aid in the spillage’s uplift. This can be discussed with you, with also a costing.


Has the dog a pee. Not only do we have to deal with the smell, but also any colour change. When bodily fluids come into contact with fibres, they may change colour. This will be a darker version, yellow or orange. The latter colours show that bleaching has occurred and will remain.



These are more complicated. We may neutralise this via the standard cleaning process, using enzymes or deodorisers. The worst-case scenario would use ozone machines. This is normally used when we eliminate drug smells, care homes, and other bodily function problems.


You may rent a machine. Whilst this can save you some money, it could cost you a lot more if you get it wrong.

Our training like any tradesperson ensures we get it correct the first time.

Things that can go wrong

1/ Shrinkage

2/ Mildew and stench

3/ Wicking

4/ Stains remain static.

We also are trained in dealing with rugs and a good deal of upholstery, including leather.

Fabric sofas receive a lot of abuse. Sweat, clothing dye, drinks, newspaper ink are all noticeable in time.

Periodic steam extraction will keep your three-piece suite fresh, healthy and in great condition.

Any professional cleaning of furnishing will enhance the longevity which saves you money.







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