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Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Callands

I started my life carpet cleaning in Callands over 20 years ago.

Experience has taught me that customers do not think carpets, sofas or rugs should be cleaned at least every twelve months. Some have gone years.

Question for you  

Why do you wash your clothes as often as you do?

You could just replace the items which could set you back thousands of pounds, including all that inconvenience of emptying the relevant room.

Our carpet cleaners in Callands charge a very reasonable rate compared to other providers.  Some travel from outside of Warrington and this is why they hike up their prices. They have to cover the additional travel and time involved. So why not keep it local.

I did my training with both the Iicrc and Ncca, passed, and qualified for all courses. Having a high pass rate as we did means our insurance policy is low.

Do you remember when you had no stains, watermarks, or the odd urine and pet accident? You now have them and become used to these marks and smells.  You could replace your items which may set you back hundreds if not thousands of pounds. A very simple solution would have annual maintenance just like when you service your vehicle.


Today we need to live in the cleanest environment possible. COVID can live on fabrics. To assist in the spread of this within your property when your items are steam cleaned we then apply an application that forms an invisible barrier against the virus. This application gives a protections period of 30 days from application.


This is what we do to cleanse your items.

We will action a detailed survey to understand what we are dealing with to ensure that the cleaning process used is the safest and most effective.

1/ Vaccum thoroughly. We must rid as many loose contaminants as possible. We don’t want a mud build-up in our machine.

2/  Each type of fibre is treated with its retrospective cleaning solution. Only quality will be used to deliver a quality outcome for you.

3/ Agitation is important. The chemical must be massaged into the fibres. This will either be actioned with a machine or a manual process.

4/ Dwell time of at least ten minutes

5/ Steam cleaning now takes place. A visual check is taken as we work. Lifting stains, marks. The power of the steam also breaks down bacteria, allergens, dust mites, grease, plus anything else. The power of the vacuums lifts all these contaminants leaving you with a clean, healthy carpet.


What do we charge?

For a living room carpet, this starts from £55.00 for a standard size. In the event of urine removal build-up, this may incur an additional cost pending the level of contamination.

Our quotations are free.

 You could attempt your cleaning by renting a carpet cleaning machine. I would 100% advise you do not.  May I suggest you read this?



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