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Renting a carpet cleaning Machine

We all think that we can do it. We can hire the tools and of we go. They make it look so simple.

What am I talking about?

Cleaning your carpets, upholstery, or rugs.

So your husband advises I can do that. And it will save us money.

Here are some costs for you

500ml of Odour remover £3.99
500ml of spot and stain Remover £4.99
500ml of Oxy/tea and coffer remover £4.99
1ltre of Upholstery cleaning £12.98
1litre Urine remover £12.98
1 Litre of shampoo £19.99
500ml High Traffic cleaner £4.99
Wipes £1.98
Machine Hire £24.00

So a quick adding to say just cleaning a lounge is probably going to cost you around £60.00 plus, depending on your requirements, and you will need to collect and return it.

We checked the above prices at our local supermarket

The idea of doing your cleaning sounds good, but the practice may not be so good.

One of the most common issues the DIY customer encounters is the smell. The carpet still looks dirty, stains are still visible and won’t go.

Let’s talk about the smell

A lingering odour a few days after the cleaning is unpleasant and can be a health hazard.

What am I talking about? Mould.

Mould is caused by overwetting. The smell is sour and pungent.

The fact that too much water was used and the lack of vacuum power then allows the water to leak into the underlay. The humidity of the room is not sufficient to dry the room quickly enough.


You then have that omg feeling I should have hired someone.

But how would we fix this for you?

Unfortunately, you will need to have your fingers crossed about the results of the survey we need to carry out.

1/ Moisture test- We test for moisture levels.

2/ If issues are with a carpet we will apply a specific chemical to deal with mold. This is raked into the fibres and left for 20 minutes at least.

These chemicals break down the molecules.

3/ We will then re-clean again using the same chemical and all vacuum’s running.

Once an area has been cleaned we randomly test areas for spores.

Any item cleaned is then dried using our air movers and should be dry within two hours pending the humidity of the room the item is in.

This is the lucky escape cost. A typical living room for this treatment would be around £100.00

Let’s talk about the not-so-lucky scenario.

We have actioned our survey and moisture is detected underlay.

The only course of action is to replace the underlay.

The spores will continue to multiply if we do not take this course of action.

This can be such a pain for the customer.

What we have to do is

1/ Empty the room completely
2/ Remove underlay
3/ Treat subfloor and carpet backing.
4/ Replace new underlay
5/ Refit
6/ Clean carpet as described earlier.
7/ Dry.

And the cost for the above. You would be looking at around £250/£300.

How many of these do we do?

In 2018 we had to uplift 46 carpets. 2019 was 54, and 2020 was 79.

 Chemicals you purchase from your supermarket are no match for solutions used by professionals.

Last year we carried out several tests using the shop chemicals. For urine removal, stain removal, tea and coffee removal, and of course their shampoo. An area of 3ft*3ft was cleaned. The carpet used was a piece of twist pile, beige

Using our chemicals we carried out a clean, like for like. The same amount of chemical, same dilution, same dwell time, and then cleaned the area with our machine.

We then sent the cleaned cut-off to a chemist we use. They pulled fibres and put them under the microscope. In a nutshell, their finding vindicated what we have been saying for years. The chemicals sold when you hire a carpet cleaning machine are inferior. They do not remove your issues for you completely.

What we charge for cleaning a standard living room, is £55.00/ to £80.00 for through lounges, and this would include stain removal.

Is it worth the hassle of doing it yourself?

At the end of the day, it is your decision. It is your money. And it will be your headache if it goes wrong. I know what my answer would be.

And on a more technical note do you know what fibre you are cleaning, as not all fibres can be cleaned the same way.

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