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You may have seen our van driving around carpet cleaning Culcheth.

It has the cute Labrador puppy at the back, and me smiling in the driver’s seat.

As we all know, pets and children come with a health warning. They have accidents, whether that be food spillages, drinks, or the occasional pet incident.


For this customer, it was more general maintenance. Having moved into the property weeks before, for peace of mind, they wanted to know that their furnishings were sanitised, fresh, dirt, and stain-free.

Steam extraction is the best solution when you have dirty and smelly fibres. This method eases all its contaminants. Your dishwasher creates very hot water to steam temperatures to eradicate all the spoils on your plates, so when the cycle is completed, they are fresh and safe to use. What I mean about safe is that no bacteria is present.

Hand on heart, when did you employ the services of a professional? Just like your Mot for your car, your furnishing needs to contact me at least once a year,

Folk seem to think that it is OK not to get them cleaned. It doesn’t matter. I see items that need to be thrown away. They now need to replace the said items, which, depending on what needs replacing, can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Today, we are living in unprecedented times. COVID-19 we can live on fabrics for several hours. Why take that chance?


Culcheth Carpet Cleaners

Question for you:

Why do you wash your clothes so regularly? Same reason furniture does.

Let me give you some free guidance.

Since you have not had your furnishings sanitised, would you say they are the same colour as when you bought them? They will now contain allergens, dust mites, animal accidents, smells, plus horrible stains. Only steam extraction will rid these for you.

I bet you do not vacuum as often as you should. You should hoover a minimum of three times a week. The purpose of this is to control dust levels, controlling dirt, and grit levels. If you have a pet, this should be done even more often. However, using your vacuum does not make your fibres healthy or sanitised.

Household dust is an issue for anyone with allergies.

If you saw a toddler crawling on your rug, sofa, or carpet, and they dropped a biscuit, then picked it up and put it into their mouth, would you allow them to do so?

Our service is of a high standard and with reasonable costs. We qualified with both the NCCA and Iicrc. These are both independent training schools teaching how to deal with filaments safely, correctly, and thoroughly.

As an example

13 step staircase would cost you £30.00

A lounge pending size and work to be actioned starts at £55.00.

Not a lot of expenditure for peace of mind.

We are only a phone call away and only 2 miles from you. Our quotes are also free.

As the saying goes, if it is not steamed, then it’s not clean.


Our Process

With every job we undertake, this is what we do.

1/ Survey- Essential to ensure that the correct method and solutions are used. It is also part of our insurance requirements.

2/ Hoover- Relieving as much loose dust and contaminants. By doing this, whichever solution is used has a larger area of contact.

3/ Machinery setup- We do this to allow our chemicals to work their magic. What they are doing is breaking down grease, odours, and some blemishes. Our solutions are the best in the market. We use these in our homes.

4/ We now begin. Our preferred water pressure is 300. We can decrease this or increase this accordingly.


5/ If required, air movers are placed to speed up the drying process

We can also assist you with your fabric upholstery, leather sofas, and rugs.

If Urine is an issue, we can help with this.

We advise of different levels of contamination.

1/Easy- This is where the level of wee can be flushed out.

2/ Medium- Flushing the area with cold water. Then apply our urine solution to help rid the smells. Steam extraction can now take place.

3/ Rip Out- You have over-wet your furnishings. Smells are getting stronger by the day. This is mildew. Trapped moisture. The resolution is to empty your room and replace the underlay. Refit followed by steam extraction.


 Protection – As an additional cost, this solution can be applied after all works are completed. Application is via a spray. Repeated several times to ensure maximum protection.

In the event of an accident, you now have time to blot up the problem.

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I would strongly advise you not to use rental machines.


Here is why

1/ Although this is a DIY job, you are probably looking at the cost. 

When hiring these machines, you also require their solutions.

2/ Costing around £25.00. Hire charge.

Shampoos are around the same.

So an outlay of £50.00 before any work has taken place.

Plus, you have to collect and return the device.

Now you can carry out the work yourself. Hang on. What fabric are you dealing with? By that I mean is it man-made or natural yarns?

Like washing machines, they have different programs. Use the incorrect one and you can cause permanent damage.

How long will the job take you?


Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Culcheth

We are trained and experienced in dealing with all types of fabrics. We may be dealing with cotton, polyester, microfibre, and linen.

Fibre identification is crucial before any work takes place.

We also carry out a survey looking for worn areas, areas of concern, stitching, and general condition.

Based on this, we can proceed using the selected solution, water pressure and heat of the water to be used.

Working with furniture is intricate. We have to deal with the backing, sides, headrest, arms, edges, and so on.

Once each section is completed, we use a dry white towel to try and alleviate any moisture. This also allows us to return the nap to its correct position. We, on occasion, take before and after pictures.

The cost of our upholstery service will vary on several factors.



2/If pet smells or urine is an issue.



Whilst most of these will be removed during the normal process, the more stubborn issues will require additional treatments and time.


Leather Furniture

Ensuring the longevity of your upholstery requires annual maintenance. We use quality creams that help remove grease, stains, and other blemishes.

The solution we use enters all the nooks and crannies enabling 100% application, thus protecting the hide.

Very therapeutic in the application.



Stain Extraction

Spillages happen. If not addressed quickly and correctly could leave you with a standout mark.

We deal with all types of problems, from red wine, tea, coffee, rust, and makeup. We even deal with the more smelly problems, such as excrement and vomit.

We have chemicals that are designed to remove these. We carry an assortment that allows us to tackle different issues.

If you have used shop products, you could seal this into the fibre. Chemistry plays a massive part if we can eliminate these for you.








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