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Carpet cleaners in Golborne

 Do you require a reliable, credible, professional carpet cleaner in Golborne, please give us a call. Our trained technicians are fully equipped with state-of-the-art carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment, amazing products to ensure that your textiles remain hygienic. We specialise in all types of carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning for our residential and commercial clients, from wall-to-wall Berber carpeting to high-traffic area rugs. Our top-rated reputation is everything to us, we guarantee that your job is not finished until you are satisfied.

Our process for cleaning carpets, upholstery, or area rugs is thorough and effective. We begin by arriving on time to your home or business, followed by a visual inspection of items to be cleaned. Before we begin, we will move out any furniture, apply pre-spot products for stains or spills using pre-conditioning agents to release built-up soil. We will then work diligently to clean, groom your carpets, rugs, and upholstery for a clean finish. We will also dry your carpeting to diminish any risk of mould or mildew growth. Have pets? We also offer pet odour and stain removal service.

How do we do it

Once the item concerned has been evaluated this will then determine which process will be used.

 Steam extraction

Using this method is probably the most popular used. The heat forced into the fibres breaks down grease, dirt, bacteria and other contaminants.  It allows for the most thorough wash your items can receive.  With temperatures reaching up to 150 c, obviously dependant on the fibre. Moisture is removed by powerful vacuums hosted within our truck mount unit, leaving fabrics touch dry upon completion. Drying times can be as quick as thirty minutes, or up to three hours until 100% dry. This will depend on the room’s humidity and the length of the fibre we have been dealing with.

Low Moisture

We use this on items such as carpet tiles, or in business premises such as care homes, schools. Not as thorough as hwe, but we do our best to achieve the best outcome. An ongoing maintenance regime you can do, is to vacuum a lot. Keeping dust contamination under control will help immensely. Dust can over time infuse itself upon fibres and slowly change its colour.

Dry System

Used on water sensitive products.

With all the of the above we vacuum thoroughly.


Stain removal process

A lot of the time stain removal will be part of the clean. Many can be removed quite easily. Some may require additional chemistry to aid more stubborn problems such as urine removal or bleach marks caused by shop stain removal products.

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