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Carpet cleaning in Great Sankey, Warrington
Carpet cleaning in Great Sankey, Warrington, Cheshire
carpet cleaning great sankey, Warrington

How clean are your carpets, rugs and upholstery?

As a home or business owner, you want your furnishings to feel, look, and smell fresh. Our Great Sankey carpet cleaning crew use a targeted approach to extradite all grit, grime, grease, odours and stains.

Our machinery is well-equipped to extract all ground-in dirt, restore colours, eliminate odours, and remove eye sore stains to leave your furnishing looking in the best possible condition. We rely on powerful, industry-strength solutions to loosen embedded soil.

As the best carpet cleaners in Great Sankey, Warrington you can rely on us to deliver exceptional customer service every time. We pride ourselves on the level of workmanship we deliver to every customer.

Carpets should be professionally serviced at least once per year to keep them looking their best. A regular service can help extend the life of your flooring and contribute to better air quality and reduced illnesses and allergies.

If you are a DIY you are at risk for various do-it-yourself mistakes, such as over-shampooing, over-wetting, not understanding what fibres you are dealing with, plus failing to protect furniture legs from moisture. We place foils under sofa legs.

Man-made products such as polypropylene, nylon, can not be treated in the same manner as natural items such as wool.

Washing machines have different programmes which are what we do.

Our team have the skill, experience and training to thoroughly sanitise and dry all types of fabrics without causing any damage to delicate fibres or colour for you. We aim to deliver your premier service for years to come.

Let me walk you through a typical lounge job. How we do it, and what we charge.

We carry out a detailed survey. This is a must for our insurance policy.

Identifying stains, fitting standards, joints, plus odours.

Whichever method is being used vacuuming must take place.

This process releases around 85% of grit, sand and dander. Not everyone does this. The advantage is when we apply our solution it can adhere to the fibres better, resulting in better and more thorough cleaning.

Pending the fibre, we apply an alkaline solution. These range from 8 to 13 ph. The level of ingrained soil plays a big part in the strength of the solution used, plus its dilution rate. When applied this will be agitated deep. This allows for the solution to now start working. Breaking down any grease or grime.

We like to have water temperature at around 110c, but we can go hotter than this if required.  Water pressure also is key. A common pressure level would be 300psi. We can go higher than this. Our machine has a limit of 1200psi.

We rarely exceed 400psi.  200 psi on upholstery, and 150 psi on loose rugs. 1200 psi is used on hard floors.

We visually break the room down into sections. Addressing around two square meters at a time. Once that section is done if anything requires a repeating we do it. If stains are an issue we can also remove the majority of them.

As a word of caution, we advise that you do not use shop stain removal products. These contain bleaches that can cause permanent damage. If you read the instructions it states, test in an inconspicuous area.

Our homemade remedy is this.

Spray bottle, 75% water, with the balance is white wine vinegar. Apply to the issue and using a towel, press down to lift the stain. Never rub.


For the more problematic stains, our chemistry hat is put on. Our vacuums are very powerful indeed and remove around 95% or all moisture. A typical lounge would be bone dry in less than two hours, depending, on humidity.

Fabric Upholstery 

Your furniture should be looked after. Typically we suggest an annual service. Keeping the sofa fresh, removing grease, food, oils, and anything else. Our most common system is hwe. We can also use dry methods.

Fibre Protection

This invisible barrier repels liquids. Applied after the cleaning process. Drying times may take as long as twelve hours to ensure the product is cured fully. Reapplication is recommended every twelve months.

Urine Extraction

With so many families having pets, accidents will happen. The natural reaction is to try to sort this yourself. You may have success. Normally not. There are different levels of contamination. In the event of an area turning yellow or orange, this is bleaching. 

Rental Machinery

This can be a success or a failure. The majority are failures. Let me explain.

We are trained and experienced. The sales pitch is anyone can do it.

These are some of the issues we are called upon to rectify.


1/ Taking days to dry and now starting to smell is the no1 issue.

2/ More stains are visible than before. This is known as wicking.

3/ My carpet has shrunk. This is because the warp and weft are sensitive to moisture.

In addition to this, my costs are a little more expensive than hiring a machine. Is it worth the risk?

And to top it up our machinery and solutions are superior in every aspect to those you purchase.

Please feel free to contact us. For advice, or a free quote. We are here to help.





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