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As you are looking at our website am certain you are looking for qualified carpet cleaners in Hatton, Cheshire. By that, I mean a trades-person who has attended courses, and schools to learn the art of carpet and upholstery cleaning. I now have over twenty years experience. The vast majority of our work comes via recommendation.

 Understanding the fibres of an item to be cleaned is very important. Just like using a washing machine, they have different cycles for different types of clothes. This is the same as what we do.

 Do we steam clean, dry clean, or use a low moisture system. Which chemical system should be employed.

To understand which will be the safest method, we will undertake a survey. This will allow us to identify the fibres and which method  should we to use.

Steam extraction 

This is our no 1 choice. Using this method provides a number of benefits.


1/ Breaks down grease and grime. 100% of any given material is treated.

2/ Removes most odours without the aid of chemicals.

3/ Destroys bacteria, dust mites, allergens, and other microscopic items, leaving surfaces touch dry on completion.

4/ Rapid drying times.



 Low Moisture

Dry System


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