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Clean your carpets at least once a year.

How healthy and clean is your carpet?

Carpets may hold up to four times their weight with the dirt embedded into its fibres. Your carpet is a magnet for dirt. Dust mites, pet dander, urine, skin, dust, faeces from insects and dust mites, forms of bacteria, allergens, are entangled into your fibres. Many homes have family members who may suffer from allergies and lack of  cleaning may have issues for your loved ones.
Having dirty carpets will harm people’s health.

Using a vacuum twice a week is only a control mechanism for your dust and grit control.
Expert cleaning should be undertaken at least once a year, and more should your home have animals and toddlers.
A scary fact which I learnt was that some toilet seats have fewer bacteria on them than a carpet does.

Some interesting facts

Nine out of ten people have admitted to dropping food onto the flooring and then eating it. Can you imagine what is happening to your stomach if you do this? Don’t use the 5-second rule. If you do drop food on your carpet, put it in the bin. Be safe. Bacteria have a prolonged life span, and it is invisible to the naked eye.

Seven out of ten people admit to walking on carpets in their shoes.
It takes up to 13 steps to remove dirt from the soles of your shoes. The fibres become entangled with that dirt and grit. Vacuuming alone is not going to remove this for you in its entirety.

Seven out of ten people have admitted to places rugs or moving furniture to cover up stains rather than call for assistance from a professional.

Any spillages should be addressed immediately to reduce the risk of staining.
Three out of ten properties have their carpets professionally cleaned every eighteen months.

The benefits of Vacuuming.

Yes, using your hoover is important it could cause issues with your health, and more so should you suffer from breathing or have allergies.
You need to understand the hoover is not capable of removing bacteria. If your hoover is not fitted with a HEPA filter this may cause you some issues.

The HEPA filter will control all items vacuumed. This helps immensely with the control of the uplifted contaminates.
Other areas of the home which contain less contaminates than your carpet are the washing machine, toilet seats, kitchen cloths, refuse bins.

Strategies which help

A Clean Carpet= A Cleaner home, A safer environment for your family.
Should you have kids or dogs in your property you really should ensure the safety of the family having ones carpets steam cleaned? Not a DIY attempt but by a professional. Toddlers will crawl and put things in their mouth. It is what they do and you are not there all the time or fast enough to prevent all of these incidents. If this is not a good enough reason to get your carpets sanitised I don’t know what is.
Pets lose hair or dander. This clings and wraps itself to fibres, which can then release odours. Pets roll around on a carpet, have urine accidents, vomit, and slobber.

Would you like the help of my services?

Should you require more guidance  please contact us.

You then have that omg feeling I should have hired someone.

But how would we fix this for you?

Unfortunately, you will need to have your fingers crossed about the results of the survey we need to carry out.

1/ Moisture test- We test for the moisture level in the carpet and underlay.

2/ If the issues are with the carpet we will apply a specific chemical to deal with mold. This is raked into the fibres and left for 20 minutes at least.

The chemical breaks down the molecules

3/ We will then re-clean the items for you, again using the same chemical and all vacuum’s running.

Once the room has been cleaned we randomly test areas for spores.

The item cleaned is then dried using our air movers and should be dry within two hours pending the humidity of the room the item is in.

This is the lucky escape cost. A typical living room for this treatment would be around £100.00

Let’s talk about the not so lucky scenario.

We have actioned the survey and the moisture is also in the underlay.

The only course of action is to replace the underlay.

The spores will continue to multiply if we do not take this course of action.

This can be such a pain for the customer.

What we have to do is

1/ Empty the room completely
2/ Remove underlay
3/ Treat subfloor and carpet backing.
4/ Replace new underlay
5/ Refit
6/ Clean carpet as described earlier.
7/ Dry.

And the cost for the above. You would be looking at around £250/£300.

How many of these do we do?

In 2018 we had to uplift 46 2019 it was 55.

We treated and re-cleaned over 180 carpets which had been actioned by the DIY/er.

The chemicals you purchase are no match for the chemicals used by professional carpet cleaners.

In fact last year we carried out several tests using the shop chemicals. For urine removal, stain removal, tea and coffee removal, and of course their shampoo. An area of 3ft*3ft was cleaned. The carpet used was a piece of twist pile, beige in colour

Using our own chemicals we carried out a clean, like for like. Same amount of chemical, same dilution, same dwell time, and then cleaned the area with our machine.

We then sent the cleaned cut off to a chemist we use. They pulled fibres and put them under the microscope. In a nut shell their finding vindicated what we have been saying for years. The chemicals sold to you when hiring a carpet cleaning machine are inferior and do not do remove your issues for you completely.

What we charge for cleaning a standard living room, £55.00/ to £80.00 for through lounges, and this would include stain removal.

Is it really worth the hassle doing yourself?

At the end of the day, it is your decision. It is your money. And it will be your headache if it goes wrong. I know what my answer would be.

And on a more technical note do you know what fibre you are cleaning, as not all fibres can be cleaned the same way.



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