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Thankyou for visiting us today.

So you are looking for a carpet or upholstery cleaning service?

A little bit about me.

I have been in this industry for over twenty years now.

We see all the start ups on Facebook who are not trained nor do they have any insurance. Promote offers too good to be true. Such as £20 per room. Buyer beware. You have been warned.

Just as a guide for a standard lounge up to 15ft x12 we charge £55.00. Obviously the large the room , we pro rata accordingly.

What do you get for your money?

1/ My expertise

2/ Quality machinery

3/ Best in class solutions.

In any case as we are carpet cleaners near me I can visit normally the same day to carry out a survey and free quotation.

Our van is equipped with a truck mount and portable machine. We normally have hose lengths of around 80 feet with us, however we can extend this to 150ft.

We also carry a multitude of chemicals, gels and sprays for every occasion.

This could be for a liquid spillage such as red wine, tea, coffee or urine issues.

Not every carpet cleaner in Locking Stumps have received the same level of training as ourselves, or a part of a niche network of fellow  tradesmen.

What do you think of the photograph.

When we visited the property to view the customers request, the first thing apparent was a musty odour, plus lots of little stains.

They had rented a carpet cleaning machine from a supermarket and tried to do the work themselves. This was a man made product. How do I know? Knowledge plus we actioned a fibre burn test.

This is what we did to achieve this outcome.

1/ Pre vacuum including the edges. Moving the sofa also to work behind. The only thing we will not move is your television.

2/ Apply a strong enzyme solution and agitate this in Leave to dwell for ten minutes.

3/ Now apply an alkaline cleaning solution and again dwell for a few minutes.

4. Add a capful of acid in our fresh water tank to neutralise the fibres being cleaned.

5/ Water heated to 110, with a psi of 300.


Total time to complete this task. £60 minutes.

Customer also requested for a stain guard to be applied which is an extra costing.





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