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Are we are the best carpet cleaners in Longbarn? Am not being biased. Why do I say that?

Is it the number of years I have cleaned both carpets and upholstery. Training, hands on experience, using best in class solutions along with powerful machinery. Great customer feedback. 


Steam cleaning is a system I use on a regular basis. This is my preferred method. Water is heated within the machine to temperatures up to 130c. This temperature alone will break down dust mites, allergens, grease, and most odours. Some chemicals we use assist in the clean. Every chemical has a part to play. For instance alkaline’s aid in breaking down grease. Odour destroyers will assist in breaking down the smells. Acids are used for some stubborn stains such as coffee or tea removal. Gels are used for the like of paint, chewing gum.

Odours can be a problem. Normally caused by pets.  



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