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local carpet cleaning service in Lymm.
local carpet cleaning service in Lymm.
Carpet cleaning Lymm

Carpet Cleaning Lymm

Do you find that no matter how much you vacuum, your carpet still appears worn, dingy maybe has an odour? If your furnishing have seen better days, it may be time for a deep cleaning especially if you have a pet.

We deliver professional carpet cleaning for all residential and commercial owners using our truck mount or portable machines. While there are a plethora of do-it-yourself methods, hiring me to rejuvenate your carpets or sofa- is a safe, fast, and easy. What  are the benefits of having my team for you?

Providing quality, supported by many years working in this industry. Our equipment is the latest available and serviced on a regular basis. Can generate heat up to 150c, and our vacuum system can operate up to 150 feet away.

Our stock of chemicals include, gels, enzymes solutions, alkalines, acids, tea and coffee remover, deodorisers. Our stain removal products are best in class. Tested. Whilst we endeavour to remove all stains, this may be possible.  The reason for this is simple.

You may have already attempted to remove the problem using shop stain removal products. STOP. These contain bleaches which may harm fibres you are attempting to clean. You may either discolour or even seal that stain meaning that even us, will not be able to remove or extract it.

 What do you think of the before and after pictures?



 I think some picture stands out for a variety of reasons.


On the left, are the remnants of a animal accident. The smell was powerful so much so we had to wear masks.

To achieve these results we had to work a little differently. 

First we sprayed an odour destroyer just to control the stench.

Next a strong solution was then applied.

Our machine was all set up with the heat set at 120c.

Working from the doorway forward. Once we reached the other side of the room we repeated our process with the aid of enzyme chemicals.


Whether you’re interested in either rug or upholstery cleaning be it leather or fabric, we can help you maintain a sanitised, more hygienic home for your family. We offer competitive pricing on all of our services to meet various budgets of our clients. Our quotations are valid for 28 days.

We are fully insured professionals. Trained to ensure accuracy and quality of workmanship. Allow us to sanitise any room in your home or business, from living rooms, bedrooms, to offices and conference spaces.

Having trained with both the Ncca and Iicrc schools, we can deliver a variety of systems to the highest of standards.

Not all carpet and upholstery cleaners have received any form of training is self-taught, which is very dangerous. This industry is not regulated so one has to be very careful when employing someone to address your requirements.

Questions you should ask

Are you insured?

How long have you traded for?

What systems do you employ?

Do you guarantee your work?

You may find some just have a Facebook account with no website. For me, this would concern me.

These are questions I would ask if I had a tradesman working for me.

Allow me to provide some information about services.

To begin with, I will always carry out a survey.

This is a requirement for my insurance. I want to understand what stains require additional treatment. Are they removable, have they bleached any fibres? Bleaching will turn a fibre yellow or orange. In this situation, re-dyeing may be required if possible.

If urine removal is required what amount of work will be required to eliminate the odour?

What am I dealing with?

Very importantly what system should I use? Not all carpet cleaners use professional equipment. You will have our findings explained to you. What expectations you can expect, how long the work will take, drying times, plus our price.  Using an incorrect method can seriously harm your fibres.

For instance, should you have a Wilton this would only be addressed using the dry or low moisture system?

Sensitive fabrics are sensitive for a reason. They are natural fibre. Silk, cotton, wool. To identify what we are dealing with we will carry out a burn or float test. Several strands will be removed to allow us to test, then identify. This only takes a few minutes to complete. Man-made products can withstand hotter treatments and  aggressive techniques.

I would like to tell you about an event which did happen.

A customer wanted a full house cleaned.

This was for four bedrooms, stairs, landing, hallway, plus through lounge.

This  was the same throughout the property is a wool mix with a colour of beige. Had never been professionally cleaned and was putting the property on the market to sell.

Our quotation was £150.00  which I thought was very reasonable.  Also, an option of stain protection was £170.00

We did not get the job stating we were too expensive. You don’t win every job but as the saying goes you get what you pay for.

Several days later we were around the corner working. Just out of curiosity I walked to the property to see if any work had taken place at this property.

I was shocked to see a car on the driveway which was signed up. A Volvo estate.

Walking away I chuckled as any machinery being used would have limited power. Anyway around an hour later, I received a call from this operator asking for my help.

The fibres were turning a slight yellow. He didn’t know how to fix it. Being curious I went to help.

Not only was a colour change taking place but the moisture level was 35 when it should be lower than 4. Plus this person had no air movers to assist with speed drying each room.

A ph. was taken which read 3.


That is acid. He had used the incorrect solution, including an incorrect dilution rate. Also, he had a rental cleaning machine . Those little yellow ones. So no constant heat, limited water pressure, plus a small vacuum.

So my question to him was this.

What training have you undertaken? His the response,


I could not believe it. At that point, the homeowner arrived who wanted to know what was going on.

He was not happy at all.

The proprietor asked if this could be fixed.

The amateur stated he did not know how to, but I could reverse this. It was just using our chemistry knowledge, and experience plus tricks of the trade.

To cut a long story short I saved the day. Left a customer very relieved.

Back to me

My preferred method is steam extraction. As I have mentioned, chemistry plays a big part in obtaining the best results. Using alkaline and acid solutions, along with gels and specific stain removal products for tea, coffee, red wine. You may have chewing gum, blue tac, candle wax. We can also remove this for you.

Our machine is capable of water pressure of 1200psi, however, we would never go over 400. Our hoses can reach up to 100 feet. Having heat also helps. This can reach temperatures of upto 140c.

This level of heat will destroy the following


Dust mites


Stain and odours

Sanitise 100% of whatever we are working on.

You may be wondering how much we charge.

Here is a sample of our costings.

Stairs £30.00

Lounges from £55.00 pending size.

These do also vary should odour control or other no common issues need resolving.



Fabric Upholstery

I love sanitising sofa’s. The precision required. Attention to detail. Removing all the head grease, print from newspapers, the grubby marks on the arms.

Does your dog use it as their sleeping area? Well, you will have that smell. You become used to it, don’t you?

Other people’s coming into your home will notice that smell.

Returning your three piece suite to the best condition possible.

Watermarks are an eyesore. These cannot be removed using just a wipe away process. Only deep hot water extraction will remove this.

Drying times can vary down to the padding,  interior temperatures of the property. To improve drying times we will use air movers.


Leather upholstery

We love the look of this type of sofa. Hydes come in various styles, thickness and colour. A lot of people think that just wiping your leather is sufficient.

Am afraid this is not the case. Specialist creams and chemicals when used open up the pores to allow penetration

This allows for all grime and grease to be lifted more easily.

There is a process to follow to ensure we achieve the very best results.

Lastly, a cream is applied. This cream feeds your leather, replenishing oils to make the skin supple.


Tips for its customers

If you have spots of blue tack or chewing why not try using WD40.

This is your get out of jail card.

Just spray a little on the area, leave for 30 seconds and left either pick of blot up. Once done place a slightly damp cloth over the area, apply a little pressure, but do not rub.

Your stairs are a heavily used part of the home. A lot of people neglect to vacuum this area due to the difficulties they have with their machinery.

How about getting a nylon brush. These can cost as little as £1.00

Just brush the stairs to the bottom step. You will be amazed by what you can release, especially for the removal of hair and dander.


Do you tend to leave the stair’s alone?

Your vacuum is too heavy to control and manoeuvre.

Why not try this

Use a hand nylon brush, you can buy these from stores for around £1.00. Hand brushing the stairs opens the fibres releasing all the grit. You will be amazed how much is released. This is what we do when preparing a flight of stairs.

Being your local Lymm Carpet cleaner we can visit you quickly to provide your free quotation which remain valid for 28 days. 



Does Vanish or other similar products clean my carpets?

These stain removers do not work. Period.
1/ How does the manufacturer know what type of fibre you have?
2/ If you read the label it advises to test their product in an inconspicuous area, ie under the sofa etc. Why. In case it bleaches your item and causes permanent damage. If you follow their rules, and it does cause damage on your test site, you can cover it with the upholstery. But its ok, you can’t take the product back because you have opened it.

How often are you in our area?

Surprisingly Lymm carpet cleaners are working near you at least three times a week.

My dog had had an accident. Any chance you can visit today, please?

In situations like these, we will try our hardest to get to you same day. Nobody likes to be in a contaminated area.

Can you remove the smell of milk?

Simple! All you need is an enzyme-based cleaning solution (we will be offering our little recipe on here soon). This would be applied using a spray bottle, after which a hot, damp towel is placed over the area until the smell dies away. Try using biological washing powder for your enzyme solution.

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