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What lies beneath your carpet

When you can’t see things they are not there. Wrong. There will be millions of bacteria in your carpets and upholstery

Most of us love to have a clean home. The benefits of living in a clean environment will help you, your family plus give you peace of mind. Your home is a representation of you.

You clean, polish, and hoover. Everything looks spick and span.

What you cannot see is what lies beneath your feet. What you trail in from the outside world. Being microscopic they cannot hurt you, can they? WRONG.


Hello to Mr Bacteria

Carpets look comfy and inviting.

Just ask the dust mites. Having these pesky creatures in numbers can have a serious effect on your health. The numbers run into the millions. They interbreed with each other. If you suffer from eczema this can worsen your condition if not addressed.

What type of hoover are you using? If it is suction only such as a Henry you are not reaching the base of the fibre where dust accumulates. You should own a vacuum that has rotating brushes along with a HEPA filter. Dust can affect people’s breathing and be an irritant to the skin.

Have a pet? Their hair contains odour and is also food for the dust mites.

You may be surprised by this one.

Athlete’s foot.

We all understand that this is a bacterial infection. If you walk around a room you will be spreading this fungus with every bare footstep. How would you remove this?


The answer to having a sterile carpet?

This proven method is steam carpet cleaning.

This process when at a temperature of 140c will break down, destroy not only the unseen guests but any odours, grease and dirt your carpet may be holding onto.

Carpet Cleaning experts always advise that you should have your fabrics cleaned at least once per annum, and more often if you have animals or young children.



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