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 How to remove pet urine or diarrhoea from you carpet
How to remove urine from a carpet

How to remove pet urine from carpets.

Most homes will have a dog in the household.

We love our pets, most of the time.

When unwell like children we have to deal with those unexpected incidents.

Let us get into some details of what dog problem you encounter and how a homeowner can either resolve this issue themselves or make the problem tolerable.

Before we start all these old wives tips such as baking powder diluted bleach do not work, I have been Carpet Cleaning in Warrington for over twenty years now and I know what am talking about. Pet stain removal can be expensive so am hoping this may help you.

Urine removal

Success is all down to the severity of what you are dealing with.
Size does matter.
A Chichewa compared to a Labrador for instance.
Bladder size as we know will play a big part.
I  will break the levels of removal into three categories.


This is where the amount you’re dealing with is a small quantity. You can use towels to absorb any moisture. Add a little clean warm water to wipe away. Always work from the outer to the centre. Never rub.


Again this is something a homeowner can do. Larger quantities deposited and now odour removal.

Blotting will remove excess moisture. Hopefully, you did not leave this too long. You do not want any liquid seeping into the underlay. This now creates a stain and smell.

Instead of using stain removers, we advise our clients to make their homemade remedies. This is what you do.

1/ Spray Bottle

2/ Fill 75% of clean cold water.

3/ Fill 25% of white wine vinegar.

4/ Give a good shake.

Urine can change the colour of carpets, rugs or upholstery.

Should colour be yellow or orange this means that bleaching has occurred. To fix this I suggest you contact a carpet cleaner in Warrington who is trained in colour dye repairs. A dark patch should be removed quite easily with the following tip.

Apply the stain remover onto whatever you’re dealing with. Leave to dwell for a few minutes. Blot out. Repeat if necessary.

When it comes smelly, the best barometer ever made was our nose.

What you can try is an enzyme application. These are readily available.

Apply sparingly to the affected area Use a soft brush to gently agitate. Repeat the process if needed.


This is not a challenge for the DIY carpet cleaner. And I would strongly urge that you don’t waste your money on any type of carpet rental hire in Warrington.

There is a lot of detailed work here.

But how do you know we are at this stage.





You have attempted either the easy or medium solutions without any success.

What we consider advanced is the removal of a carpet, removal of underlay, and start our cleaning process from the subfloor.

This is what we would do.

1/  Treat the subfloor with a near neat enzyme solution. Allow this to dry then repeat the process.

2/  Clean the reverse side of your carpet. There will be dark patches here, black or brown. These would be treated using steam extract action. In most cases, the darker colour will remain.

Once clean again treat with an enzyme solution.

Refit new underlay. Either you can supply this or we can.
Replace carpet. Steam clean carpet cleaning now takes place.
Every few meters we would shine our UV torch to ensure we have removed all fluids. 
Once completed a mist of enzyme is applied to the carpet and allowed to dry.

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