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Are you searching for competent, highly trained, experienced Newton le Willows carpet cleaners? Hi, am Jason. I have been in this industry for over twenty years now. 

Methods and machinery have changed considerably over this time.  Both portable and truck-mount machinery is very powerful. I have kept up to date with technology and chemistry so I am one step ahead of my competition attending training courses for stain removal, and new chemicals on the market. 

 I trained with both the Ncca and Iicrc schools and exceeded their minimum pass rate. Attend refresher courses annually. My feedback is 100%. Talk to colleagues about unusual jobs, and test new chemicals. I see newcomers trying to enter the industry, Not trained, nor do they carry any insurance. 

Well read this

A customer contacted me requesting a free quote. She was leaving the property and as part of her tenancy agreement, all furnishing must be cleaned. She had a pet dog so odour and stain removal was required.


My quotation was a price of £140.00. Lounge, stairs, three bedrooms.

Our process was explained as being every room would be vacuumed.

Each blemish would be addressed. Our expertise can sometimes be the difference between an alright result to an amazing outcome.

We also advised of how long the work would take to complete including drying times.

We did not get the job. Another company had bid a lower price of £100.00.

I believe my costs are very reasonable.

After meeting with the customer I received an email asking for help. Her experience with the previous company was poor. She said the work done looked no different, took over a day to dry, no blemishes were removed, in fact, more had appeared.

My reply was I would need to revisit, to carry out another survey.

On attending the site, my survey revealed the following.

A ph level of 11 was recorded, meaning no acid was used to neutralise any alkaline solution.

As mentioned, more marks were visible due to wicking.

Wicking is where a liquid or other substance has sunk into the underlay and when drying stains rise back up the fibres. These are schoolboy errors.

To correct this, we had to start from the beginning. However, my cost had now increased by £30.00. The reason for this was a lot of soap was being held within the fibres so to protect my machinery a defoamer solution would be required. Also, the job will now take me 30 minutes longer to complete compared to my original survey.


I completed the job. We had a happy customer who had her bond returned. So the lesson is, Cheap is not always the best. We only deliver quality results. How do we know?  We only use the methods taught many years ago at the Ncca training schools.

When did you last have your upholstery cleaned?

It amazes me how long people wait before they pluck up the courage to call me. Then expect their items to look like they did the day they bought them. Am afraid your fabrics like your clothes require regular washing.

You and your pet bring a lot into your property from the outside world.

There will be microscopic friends wandering around such as germs, and allergens. And there are bacteria and certain types of viruses. Only steam over 120c can destroy these for you.


Do the edges look dirtier than the other areas? This is known as filtration soiling. This is where dust is trapped. Over time this rises up the fibres. We can remove this however in some instances it will come back.


What other issues do we deal with?








Candle Wax

The list is endless. So understanding which chemicals and chemistry are best at removing these only comes with dedicated training supported by many years of experience.


How much do I charge for my services?

A simple breakdown is as follows

Stairs and small landing £35.00

Lounge no larger than 15 x 12 £55.00

Through lounge £65.00

Stain protection

We can apply our stain guard for you once all work has been completed. There is an additional charge which depends on what we are applying it to.


We also assist you with all types of sofas, rugs, and mattresses.

All our quotations are free so please feel free to contact me.

If your items are not steam cleaned it is not CLEAN.


You may consider that you want to rent a machine and do the work yourself. We strongly advise against this. You have been warned.

1/ Do you know what you are dealing with, i.e. natural or manmade fibres?

2/ Can these be wet cleaned without shrinking?

3/ How quickly will things be dry?


Our quotations are free of charge.














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