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Cleaning carpets is an art. It takes training and experience to eliminate all the contamination from your carpets.

What we mean by contamination is dirt, grease, stains, odours, urine and bacteria.

Whilst chemistry plays a significant part in breaking down these issues, steam extraction removes and kills all the yuck held within the fibres.

I have been carpet cleaning Orford for over twenty years now, and receive a lot of our work via recommendation.

We can clean not all carpets via the main method we use, so prior to any work taking place we take action a survey.

We do this to identify the fibre and stains, which allows us to discuss with you the customer what method is safest for you and what results you can expect.

Our truck mount is powerful. Able to reach up to 100 feet away.


For this customer, they had issues with pet odour and urine.

When your carpet becomes darker, this means it is dirty.

First, we gave the lounge a hoover. Removing the loose debris will allow our solutions to adhere to more of the fibre resulting in a better clean.

Once this is complete, we now apply the solution of choice. This is liberally applied and agitated using counter rotating machine. We allow this to dwell for several minutes.

Whilst this was happening, we now set up our machinery. The normal pressure we use is 3o0 psi using steam vapour.

We work the wand with 2 wet passes, followed by 4 drying passes.

Check for stains or other marks as we operate.

On average, a standard living room would take us 30 minutes to complete, but with prior preparation, we are actually on site for about an hour.

Costs vary according to room sizes and if specialist treatments are required for issues such as urine, vomit or other stains that require our experience to remove.





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