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Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Paddington.

Carpet cleaning is an art. We are the tradesmen for your fabrics. Not all fabrics are the same as you will already know. 

Understanding what are the most cost-effective chemicals and solutions to use. What heat can be applied, and what method is safest?

We attended dedicated training schools. This was a mixture of hands-on, theory, and then examinations. The Ncca and Iicrc is where we were first schooled. However, the real classroom is in the field.

Fibres are changing in colour due to a multitude of reasons however we always refer to our training and many years of experience in identification. 

Like all entrance areas, this is where a lot of the dirt and grime will end up.

Walking from outside onto the carpet takes around twelves steps to remove the muck from the sole of your shoes.

You can clearly see in this picture what am talking about.

This issue was the same throughout the property.

To remedy this, we identified the fibre, which allows me to choose the best method to use. Here steam extraction was what I chose.

Before starting, a thorough vacuum took place.

As the lady had a pet, the odour was also an issue.

We applied what I think is the best enzyme chemical. Liberally applied and given a ten minute dwell time.

Our machinery was set to deliver steam pressure at 400 psi, with the heat set to 120f. 

A neutralising acid was also added to the clean water tank, which leaves the ph score at 7.5. This ensures no resoiling.



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