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Do you require an expert carpet cleaning service in Padgate? We live in this area.

Hi am Robert. The coolest carpet cleaner in Padgate, or so my customers tell me. I also clean both fabric upholstery and leather sofas plus all types of  rugs.

Steam extraction is the most popular system I use. This is used mainly on man-made fibres such as nylon, polypropylene, but we can use it on wool mix fibres also. Only training with the Ncca, and IIcrc including over 20 years of hands on experience.

Using both truck mount and powerful portable machines. Our machinery can run hoses up to 150 feet. The vacuum system recovers around 95% of moisture leaving furnishing touch dry. This can be improved using air movers, or when we have a hot day.

Other systems we use such as low moisture or a dry system would be used on carpets such as Wiltons, which are a water sensitive fabric, or large commercial properties which would normally be fitted with low profile tiles.

The benefits using steam is well known. Not only can this process reach deep into fibres, it also removes ingrained sand, grime, grease, dirt, odours and allergens. This level of heat destroys what should not be there.

 Temperatures we use can reach as high as 130c. Drying times are dependant upon the internal humidity of a property would be between one to four hours for 100% moisture removal.

Some customers are sensitive to chemicals. In this case we use green  or eco products.

Stains can be such an eye sore. Normally they are darker in colour. 

You may have tried to remove the stain yourself without any success using shop products. If I scream loud enough will you hear me, THEY DO NOT WORK. These solutions contain bleach and can be harmful to fabrics. If you read the instructions it does state to test an inconspicuous area. If it did work, GREAT, if it did not work, would you get a refund? Please check out our stain removal service.

Has your pet had an accident?

Removing urine or pet odour is something we action on a regular basis. There is a process we take to ensure 100% elimination of urine. This is not a DIY task. This at times requires underlay to be removed and replaced.

Urine when it makes contact with will sink until it reaches the sub floor. If a sub floor is wood this being a porous product will absorb some of the liquid. Whilst you may try to mask this smell it will not go away until treated correctly. 

As I am local I can attend your to enquiry very quickly, normally the same day.

Rugs are also a passion of mine. They can a centre piece for some rooms, and can be abused.

We have cleaned rugs valued in excess of £50,000 pounds.

Why not consider having whatever has been cleaned protected with our stain guard.


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You may even be just after a free quotation which we will honour for 30 days.

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