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Carpet cleaning penketh

Carpet cleaning Penketh

Not all tradesmen are equal. What separates them is experience, training. This also applies to me. I have been cleaning both carpets and upholstery in Penketh for over twenty years now. Using only quality solutions to achieve the very best outcome.   Identifying what fibre is being dealt with is paramount. Using an incorrect chemical or method could cause serious damage, so before any work takes place a survey is carried out. In a way, we are servicing your furnishings. So why choose us?

Well, why not head over to our homepage. We like to showcase our works so customers can view for themselves what we can do.  


Take a look at this bedroom carpet. That colour difference you can view is clean and dirt. You can imagine walking bare foot from one room to another, transmitting dirt and other microscopic items to another area.

This customer had done a lot of spot cleaning themselves without any success. This is why they contacted me.

Our inspection showed bleach and food stains. Also the fibre was man made, being  polypropylene . The mast majority of carpets we deal with are man made so intense steam extraction can be used. This work took us 45 minutes to complete.

The power of our vacuums remove nearly all moisture leaving carpets touch dry and bone dry within two hours. If we use air movers this improves drying times

So how much did we charge the customer for this work.

This was the only room we did so was subject to our minimum call out charge of £35.00.

Another satisfied customer.

This customer had rented out their property.  The carpets were the same throughout. As part of the agreement these carpets needed to be professionally cleaned.

The tenant decided to rent a carpet cleaning machine. The owner was not happy with the results so contacted me to help.

I visited to view the condition and discuss details with the owner. A date was set.

This is what we did.

1/ Hoover all carpets thoroughly.

2/ Address all stains. This is part of our stain removal service.

3/ Apply a strong alkaline solution. This was agitated and allowed to dwell for ten minutes.

4/ Steam extraction now took place.

So for the three bedrooms, stairs and lounge we charged  £125.00



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