Will carpet cleaning remove stains?

Stains in carpets come in all types, smell, and difficulty.

When carpet cleaning, it is prudent to advise the carpet cleaner what the stain is, and if you have attempted to remove the stain. Advising this will assist greatly.

So the stain is normally treated prior to any cleaning. The appropriate application is applied and left for a few minutes to dwell. The chemical starts to break down the stain all the way to the base of the fibre. The stain is then flushed out using cold water under high pressure. The high pressure penetrates the fibre right down to the backing of the carpet.

If you have attempted to remove the stain yourself and the stain remained, the stain in some instances is sealed in and cannot be removed.

In all instances, if something is dropped or spilt remove the excess immediately. Use a towel to blot up any liquids.

Any stain in your carpet belongs to you. Although we have a high success rate in removing stains, we never accept ownership of a stain.

A homemade remedy stain remover we suggest to our customer is the following

Using a spray bottle fill this seventy-five percent with cold water, and top this up with white wine vinegar.

Apply the solution to the stain. Massage this in a little, and gently. Leave this for a few minutes. Then place a towel over the area, preferably white, and stand on the towel. Do not under any circumstance rock yourself, just stand still and let the weight of your body press the towel onto the carpet. Repeat the process if any stain remains.

Our advice to you is do not waste your money on the so-called stain removers you can buy from the shops. They a waste of money, and can actually discolour and bleach your carpet.

And the main answer to the question is yes, the vast majority of stains will be removed using most carpet cleaning systems.

If you have a question about a stain you have please get in touch.

Does carpet cleaning eliminate pet odour?

Pet odour can be removed from carpets, rugs, and upholstery using the correct cleaning methods and chemicals. This can be a straightforward task or I may need to become a scientist for the more difficult odour issues.

Will carpet cleaning remove urine smells from my carpet?

If your carpet smells of urine it is probably the underlay that smells. Liquid sinks. There are a number of factors that would need to be investigated. We would survey this for you using a moisture meter UV torch, our nose,  your information plus our years of experience.

I have chewing gum and blue tac issues. Would carpet cleaning remove these?

Removal of chewing is quite successful. This may just be removed during the cleaning of your carpets, or in more compressed areas we may employ the help of chemical’s which we use. In some carpets, we may have to shave the gum out using a very sharp Stanley knife

Will carpet cleaning remove makeup stains?

This is a hit and miss area. Some makeups actually bleach or discolour the carpets on contact. When this happens the bleaching effect will remain, unless the carpet is suitable to have that area re-dyed. This would be mentioned at the point of the survey.

What is dry carpet cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning is a method used on certain carpets that are prone to shrinkage if wet cleaned.

The method used is for very small sponges to be agitated into the carpet. We use a Host machine.

This machine massages the sponges deep into the carpet. After a dwell time, the sponges are hoovered up. This may not give you the best clean as compared to steam cleaning but was a carpet is prone to shrinkage this is the safest procedure.

What is steam carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning using steam or very hot water is the most popular method of cleaning used by the professional community.

The heat of the water destroys odour, bacteria, and odours. The steam penetrates 100% of each and every fibre, unlike some other cleaning methods available.

What is low moisture carpet cleaning?

Low moisture cleaning is the method used using a bonnet pad machine. Small amounts of water or cleaning compounds are sprayed onto the carpet. The bonnet machine will have a wool pad attached to it which rotates slowly, allowing the user to move in all directions. This will only clean the surface of the carpet or rug. This would be used when working in large areas such as hotels, care homes.

What is the best way to clean sisal carpet?

Sisal is a very delicate fibre and is susceptible to shrinking. So the best possible and safest way to clean this type of carpet is to either dry clean or lmc. This type of cleaning should only be carried out by someone who is trained in this area.

What is the best way to clean a rug?

Rugs can be cleaned in a few ways however the rug cleaning process would be determined at the point of the survey.

It may be that the rug is cleaned in situ, or it may have to be taken from site to the cleaning unit.

Another way of cleaning rug is what is called River washing. Why don’t you google this?

What is the best carpet cleaning machine to hire?

Hmmmm now am going to let you into a secret.

Don’t hire one.

In fact, if I were in your shoes I would rather live with the condition of the carpet than hire a machine.

Old ladies can carry the hire machines which tells you the power the machine has.

It takes two men to carry my portable.

The downside of a hire machine is

1. Lack of power

2. Lack of knowledge
For example, would you know how to remove blue tack or chewing gum safely?

3 When cleaned and you give yourself a pat on the back, just wait until the following morning.
The room will smell musty

4. Sometimes we need to empty the room to remove and replace the underlay, and that can be in excess of £100.00 plus the re-clean.

5 The outlay for hiring a machine is in most instances slightly cheaper for one room than hiring me, but you have to collect and return it, keep all the unused chemicals’ under the sink, just in case.

What carpet cleaning chemicals do you use?

I normally carry spotters, alkaline, acids, red wine and coffee remover, chewing gum solvent, plus a few others.

We also use green or natural products if the customer requests

How long will my carpet be wet for when it has been cleaned?

When a carpet is cleaned expect the carpet to be touch dry when I leave. For the carpet to be bone dry this takes around 2/4 hours. This is dependent on the length of the fibre clean. We can improve these times using air movers. We would do this if doing more than one room to clean.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured, along with PL insurance.

Do you only clean carpets and upholstery in Warrington?

When we first formed our company we only operated in only Warrington. Over time venture into Newton Le Willows  Lymm, and Cheshire.

Now 20 years on we are carpet cleaning in Cheshire daily.

How quickly can you come to me?

As we are probably the only true Warrington Carpet Cleaners by location we can visit most people the same day of their enquiry.

Unlike some carpet cleaners who I know live outside of Warrington area and you have to fit in with them which is not convenient for you, and they would probably be more expensive than me.



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