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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a specialist field, sadly this is often abused by the ill trained and poorly equipped.

We are your local team who continue to push the boundaries and achieve a better, more effective, less disruptive and greener service for you, our customers

Our technicians are second to none. There is very little that we haven’t seen and overcome before. Carpet Restoration specialists is what we do, so call us before splashing out on new furniture for an honest appraisal of what can be achieved using our vast training and experience. 

What we must do before any work commences.

Site Survey

Establish pile and backing types.

Shrinkage and colourfast test

Establish best solutions to use.

Industrial Vacuuming removes all trapped particles of dust.

Stain removal: Specific spotting solutions to treat staining.

We have a wide range of stain and spot treatments using the latest techniques and solutions. Common stains can be treated, such as Drink spillages wine, tea, coffee, Juice Blood, Oil, Paint, urine, vomit.

With any stain, the sooner you act the more likely the successful outcome. Using vanish and 1001 treatments will almost always prevent the stain from being fully removable by a professional at a later date. Use with caution. The very first thing done to remove a stain is the best chance of 100% success. If this first treatment doesn’t, work then as the fluid dries, it sets the stain into the pile, making it non-removable. We advise not not use it or test a tiny area first sparingly as there is a real risk of making a permanent stain and spoiling your carpet or upholstery, especially on natural fibre materials.

Odour neutraliser Deodoriser removes odours from fabrics. Sanitising solution Kills any germs and bacteria, Dust Mites, Fleas and Viruses.

Pre Cleaning A cleaning solution is agitated into the pile of the carpet.

Hot Water Extraction Petrol driven truck mounted cleaning unit that fires a heated rinsing solution into the pile which also instantly extracts the slurry from the carpet, storing it inside a tank within our vehicle ready for safe disposal. This method is much faster than using electric portables; it also cleans to a higher standard. There will be fewer things to bring into your premises and it doesn’t rely upon using your water and electricity supplies.

Drying with good levels of warmth and air flow, the carpet will dry quickly approx. 1 hour. The less warmth and air flow, the longer the carpet will take to dry fully, 3+ hours.



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