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How to remove stains and odours from your carpets

How to remove stains and odours from your carpets.

Spot and Stain removal guide

Have you got an eyesore stain on your carpets, rugs, or upholstery?

You have tried to remove it yourself without success.

We can help in most cases. Why do I say most?

Customers who attempt their stain removal can make the issue more difficult for us to remove, so our advice is to leave it alone and then call us. Solutions available in shops are a nightmare for us professionals.

Some of these removal solutions contain bleach and can bleach your fibres.

You are in Warrington, and so are we. We can get to you on the same day.

What type of stains do we deal with daily?

It amazes me the types of stains that we deal with. From the common food spillage, red wine, blood, paint, and urine (we will talk more about this).

Removal of stains is a game of chemistry, plus ongoing training and advances in solutions.

Years of training and hands-on experience tells us whether a stain is removable.

Urine stains and Odours

We love our pets but they do have accidents.

We clean-up urine incidents all the time. In fact it is our no1 stain removal process.

Removal of urine is not as straight forward as you think.

Urine is a liquid. Furnishing act as sponge.

Wee contains all sorts of chemicals, and salts.

If you catch your animal or husband have the accident I recommend that you place a towel over the area,  apply weight, such as standing on the towel. You want control so not to spread the urine don’t ever rub.

In the event that the in incident has happened and time has lapsed we may then be dealing with other issues such as odour.

And we know that urine odour lingers which is unpleasant.

To remove the urine  or odour we would need to survey this issue.

We do this my using our uv torch, moisture meter, and of course the trusted nose.

In most instances our urine application can remove the odour and stain.

Unfortunately there are times when we need to uplift the carpet, remove the underlay, replace with new underlay, refit the carpet for you, then action the clean.

Let me tell you about a job we actioned in Appleton, Warrington.

The customer calls us, the lady of the house, to say that her bedroom carpet smells. A sickening smell of urine. Her husband had been on stag do, came home, and thought he was in the bathroom.

On attending the property and viewing the issue there was no need to carry out a uv or moisture test, it was evident the carpet was saturated.

This is what we did

We sucked as much moisture as we could

Then the carpet was uplifted. The underlay was saturated. This was removed.

The subfloor was chipboard. This was also wet.

Our application was applied to the sub floor and we speed dried it

The backing  was also treated.

New underlay was fitted, the carpet replaced and fitted.

Once this had been actioned the carpet itself was treated and cleaned.

And the cost for this was £120.00

This is probably the most expensive urine job we have done.

Smells in your carpets

It is advised that carpets are cleaned annually, and more often if the house is a little busy of pets are in the household.

Have you ever put your nose to your carpet and had a good sniff?

Dogs sweat, walking around in bare feet. The scent has to go somewhere.

We use specific chemicals to destroy odour, not just mask it.

And along with the steam extraction cleaning this eliminates  odours for you.



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