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Sick of looking at carpet stains? Tired of unpleasant odours that emit from your carpets and furnishings? Don’t want to attempt cleaning them yourself by carrying heavy carpet cleaning equipment around? Then leave your maintenance woes to us. Our carpet cleaning services in Stockton Heath cater to both home and business owners in search of high-quality carpet, upholstery, and area rug cleaning and deodorising. Professional carpet cleaning is one of the best ways to preserve the usability and beauty of your furnishing for years to come. There are also other key benefits of using my services.

Individuals who suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma can greatly benefit from steam extraction cleaning. Carpeting locks in allergy triggers, such as bacteria, mold,  smells, and chemicals. Our team has powerful equipment at their disposal, capable of vacuuming up contaminants from the deepest textile layers. For families with pets, our pet odour and stain removal services are just what you need to make Fido’s unique scents banish from your flooring and furniture. Allow us to create a custom cleaning plan that targets your specific requirements.

Let’s talk about what is involved.

Before we even start we action a detailed survey.

Why I hear you ask? We are the most experienced  Stockton Heath carpet cleaner. Having over 20 years in the industry. and we are thorough at what we do.

Two reasons

1/ We must understand what fibres we are addressing.  What stains need removing. What odours or urine issues exist. The condition of your furnishing. Don’t forget you are trusting us to deal with your cleaning request and of course our costings.

2/ It is part of our insurance policy that a survey is actioned. And before and after pictures. We even ask for customer reviews preferably via video.

In all situations, the number one action is to vacuum.

As an example, a lounge carpet size 15ft x 12ft would take us around ten minutes to hoover. You would be amazed at how much grit, dirt, loose particles we can remove. On average, just this process releases over 80% of loose particles. If urine is not to be removed the cost would be £55.00.

By removing this loose soil, it allows for the solutions we apply to make more contact with the fibres, making the cleaning easier. Not all carpet cleaners in Stockton Heath carry out this very important cleaning process.

Once we are ready to operate we break the room down into sections. We do this to ensure we have covered every inch thoroughly. It also allows us to see that all marks are removed. Please note stains belong to the customer and we use all our skills to remove these. In circumstances where a customer has attempted to use stain removal products, and your stain remains, you may well have sealed this in. Using chemistry may help us achieve our goal.

Steam temperatures are more than 100c along with controlled water pressure no greater than 400 psi. As we work backward the suction power of the vacuums uplifts around 95%  of any moisture.

Typically this would take us around an hour to complete.


 Fabric Upholstery cleaning

When dealing with your sofa all areas are addressed. Crevices, piping, backs, sides, and of course both sides of seats. Different applications are used to that of carpets.

A lower steam temperature, lower psi. Drying times can vary. Padding on your sofa may absorb a little more water than others. We can identify this at the survey point. Once cleaned we terry towel the whole area. The friction not only checks for anything missed but also helps with the drying process.

As a point of interest, I prefer sofa cleaning. I find it very therapeutic.



Leather sofa cleaning

Like your skin, leather must be cleaned and treated at least every year. Leather hides contain oils that over time evaporate, so need replenishing. If you do not you will quickly see cracks. These will be the areas under stress. Applying oils at this point will not deter the deterioration, the damage is done.

So please ensure you see me at least every twelve months.

I will clean your leather sofa with qualified solutions. These break down all the soils, grease, and grime.  Once this detail is completed we then re-clean using gels. The gels are manufactured to not just clean but replenish the oils the hide requires. Once completed we ask you to refrain from using the cleaned upholstery for around 30 minutes.


Rug Cleaning

Rugs come in various sizes, shapes, colours, and fibres. From man-made items to natural yarns.

Cleaning can be technical. Understanding the fibre, colour fastness, urine removal, animal issues.

Using our dedicated rug bath we administer a cold rinse. This loosens any debris and contaminants. We continue to do this until we have clear running water. When we are satisfied we then proceed with the cleaning

Urine Removal


Take a look at this picture.

This customer had attempted to clean their own carpets, using a rental machine and had no success in alleviating the odour and dirt.In fact they made the situation worse.

They had a bitch which was in season, and could not control her bladder for some reason.

This is what i did.

1/ Detailed the areas contaminated.

2/ Drew a chalk line around.

3/ Applied an enzyme pre spray. Quite liberally applied. Left this to dwell for 20 minutes. During this time we set up the machinery.

4/ Flushed each section using steam at 400psi.

5/ Proceeded with steam cleaning the lounge.

6/ Every so often i would re check using the UV torch.

7/ Once clean another enzyme application was used.

8/ How much your wondering. For this it was £65.00, and took us around an hour to complete.


When emptying the dirty water the colour was yellow.

If you require any further information please call, and don’t forget our quotes are free.



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