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Carpet cleaning in Walton, Warrington.

If you have a carpet or sofa to be cleaned who is your first point of contact?

Why not work with someone who resides in Warrington, Cheshire like myself.

I am a skilled carpet and upholstery cleaner who has been sanitising the furnishing of Walton for over twenty years now.

When our company was first formed in January 2000, we attended training courses run by the Ncca and IiCRC. These are UK schools for the teaching of the correct methods to be used, understanding chemicals and fibres, construction and repair. This is not a one day course. It is one week long, with exams each day, hands-on teaching. We passed and qualified with flying colours.


The fibre dictates many things. Chemicals and solutions that can be used. What methods are safest? Which stains can be removed? If odours are a problem.

People seem to think cleaning their items is easy. And then they contact me we are local carpet cleaners near me when they have messed up.


For example, things are starting to smell days after they have completed any work. The reason for this is mildew is forming. You have over-wet your item, it has taken days to dry, blemishes that were not there before have suddenly appeared and now bacteria and smells are forming.

So what separates me from you and other companies?

1/ Training

2/ Over twenty years working in the industry.

3/ Fully insured

4/ Use truck mount and powerful portable machines.

5/ Chemicals used are the best available 

6/ We carry out a pre-work survey.

7/ We offer different methods

8/Our quotes are free.

90% of our work is steam extraction. This is by far the most popular system we use and has huge advantages over other methods such as dry or low moisture.

Our truck mount is capable of operating up to 150ft away.

The maximum settings are 150c for heat, 1200psi for water pressure, and vacuum which can uplift 95% of moisture.

Compare this to renting a carpet cleaning machine. It is like hand washing a dirty greasy plate using a little cold water only, compared to putting the same item in a dishwasher, with tablets and lots of hot water, flushing and drying.

The same applies to us.

Costing is always the way people think. 

So if you wanted a standard lounge, how would be action like this?

1/ Survey

2/ Pre-vacuum

3/ Treat any stains 

4/ Apply our alkaline solutions. We do not use any form of soap.

5/Set the machine’s heat and water pressure. This is based upon soil conditions, odours, and fibre type if manmade or natural. Can you tell the difference? How do you test for this identification?

6/ Put a neutralising acid in the freshwater tank. This balances the ph. level to 7.5 which prevents wicking or re-soiling.

7/A cap full defoamer in the recovery unit. This protects our vacuums from the homeowner’s DIY stain products used.

6/ Apply a stain guard should the customer require this. This 


We charge £55.00 for a standard living room and up to £80.00 for a through lounge. Stairs start at £30.00

This can change if we are dealing with things such as urine extraction, removing excrement, or odour control for items such as smoke or drugs.

Urine can be a complicated issue. 


Sofa cleaning in Walton, Warrington is also another service we provide.

All our quotations are free and we can visit you to appraise your requirement.













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