Cleaning your own carpets can be unhealthy on the wallet and stressful.

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Cleaning your own carpets seems a good idea. It could be cheaper than hiring me but like anything is it worth the hassle.

The DIY carpet cleaning machines which can be hired come with a health warning. Lack of power, inferior cleaning agents. Topped with do you really know what you’re doing? As you can appreciate you spent a lot of money on your furnishing. Can you afford to re new these for the sake of a couple of pounds?

So how much is this DIY carpet cleaning going to cost you?

Two day or weekend hire will cost you around £30.00

You have to go and collect the machine and return it.

So if you have hired the machine is it really going to take two days to clean your carpet, and any other furnishing?

Cleaning chemicals could be around £30.00 plus.

So you are all set to go.

The first issue you have is the lack of vacuum power. The purpose of the vacuum is to remove as much water/ moisture as possible from the carpet. So it does not seep into the underlay, as this is in a few days’ time were the problems start to happen.

Take the GUR  ROTCOD(spelt backwards) as a prime example.

You walk this machine. You are cleaning the carpet, or rug with vacuums running. Yet the carpet remains very wet.

And with repeated dry passes the moisture levels are too high.

The actual psi power of the hired machine is very low too.

Around 50 psi to 80psi pending on the machine you hire, when our machine can go as high as 1000psi, not that we would ever use that much power.

On average we receive at least two calls per week from customers who have attempted to carry out their own cleaning.

So hiring me, what are the advantages?

We live in Warrington so the turnaround from phone call to appointment is very quick, or even a personal visit.

The experience we bring is backed by over 17 years in the industry.

Top of the range chemicals, and understanding what the capabilities are of the chemicals.

Powerful machinery which leaves your carpets or upholstery dry in a few hours.

Using our years of knowledge, understanding of stain removal products to remove those stubborn stains, odours and urine.

So what is the cost I hear you ask?

Well let me tell you a job we actioned for a customer.

They had hired a machine plus chemicals.

The carpet they were cleaning was a living room and a flight of stairs.

Stains and smells were in the carpet also.

They took three attempts cleaning the carpets.

The outcome was the carpet remained dirty, stains still visible, and they were in pain with all the bending, pushing and lifting. And the lady said that she had wasted 8 hours of her life and £59.00.

So we called in to correct the job. Luckily for the lady it wasn’t that difficult to correct.

We treated the obvious stains first, then treated all the carpet with a deodoriser which destroys odour at the molecular level.

This is allowed to penetrate the fibres for around ten minutes.

The cleaning compound is then applied and agitated thoroughly.

We then proceed cleaning. The psi was 400, the heat was 85c, and add to this three powerful vacuum’s running at the same time.

Air movers were placed in the living room to speed up the drying time as we returned all the equipment back to the van.

And the cost for this was £85.00

Money well spent where the words of the customer.

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